Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Well now, we had the beauty of the Taj and then straight off up the road again - my head is spinning with all the rushing around. (Yours is not the only one I can tell you!)  They told me we were off to a place called Ranthambhore where there are tigers, but instead we went to another place with stones.

First of all can I show you the indignities of my super snug method of travel.  I am STUFFED into a compartment of Alan's camera bag (No you're not, you are gently eased into position so that you can travel without risk of you being grabbed at by anyone.) Actually it's not too bad and I do come out from time to time.
Anyway, I sat patiently until we were on the bus and then I got out to look out the window at the world passing by - strange lorries with home made cabs, tuc-tucs full to overflowing with people,  tractors, home made tractors, horses and carts and camels and carts.  What fun I've had, though driving through towns is a bit stressful. 

First stop was the amazing abandoned city of Fatepur Sikri.  It's right in the middle of nowhere and is quite fantastic.  Lily and I had our rock moments (nicely shaded and not hot.)  True but we're getting a bit of a phobia you know.  
 These pictures were taken sitting in the hall of private audience, an amazing construction.  The building looks like it should have two floors but instead there is one with a pillar in the centre.  The pillar supports a circular platform on which the Sultan sat.  He could hear everything and be heard but not seen.  Very secure and of course he could choose not to turn up.  We're sitting on the carving on the pillar, cool(ish) and quite comfy.
 After only a short time there it was off down the road for lunch at a place called the Bagh (which just means "garden")  After lunch we went for a stroll and I found this cannon thing to sit on.  Mean old Alan wouldn't let me fire it so I just had to imagine it. (I don't think that this has been fired for a long time and it might have exploded and taken you and me with it.) Hmmph I still think you're a killjoy.
 Next I got to travel on a train for absolutely hours 'n hours.  It was quite fun really and I got to see lots of new people.
The train took us to Ranthambhore where Lily and I went off to see monkeys, deer, birds and a TIGER, but we didn't get our photos taken.  Not fair I say - explain that Mr Alan (Well, I didn't want you to fall out of the bus thingy and end up as a tiger's fur ball. Anyway we'll be back there again and I promise I will take a shot of you.)
 I don't know what all the fuss was about.  When we left Ranthambhore for Jaipur I met this fine fellow and he let me sit on his head. (He wasn't a real tiger so it's hardly likely he would have complained.)

Well that's all for now 'cos the staff wants to go to sleep.




  1. What, no getting to fire the canon?! Sooooo not fair! And the staff are getting lazy - sleep indeed...


  2. Oh Jock,

    No complaints from the Tiger that you were sitting on his head - lunch? Another matter. Giggle.

    Be safe little bear.

    Hugs ♥


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