Sunday, 29 April 2012

Scary Stuff

He (Who me?), yes you, don't interrupt, has been playing with his photos all day long, and at last he's started to pay attention to the star of the show. (It's not just big feet you've got, you have a head to match.) Haven't (Have so!) Have not. (Have so.) Have NOT.  Now do pay attention we have a blog to create.

I was going to cheerily call this "Another Day, Another Monument," but events will show that things weren't that mundane.  It all started so well, we were in Jaipur for our second day, and yet again I got robbed of my beauty sleep so that we could go to another monument.  This time it was the Amber Fort.
You can see that it is big and we had to get from the car park to the courtyard. 
Some people got to ride up there on the back of a hephalent (it's called an elephant) If I want to call it a hephalent then that's what it is. Anyway we didn't get to do that.  Instead we had to go up in a jeep.  Much less fun but I 'xpect it was quicker.
 Anyway. here I am with what I was sure would be another hot bot moment, but it was merely warm, being quite early in the day.
 It was quite an impressive place with lots of rooms and a hall of mirrors and things.  Lily liked this room. It was nice and cool and there was even a spotlight for her to sit in to get her photo taken - Sometimes the supporting cast need a bit of the limelight too, though not too much.
 Before we left we looked over a very high wall down to the lake and the town beyond. As you can see, I was telling him off for (yet another) Hot Bot moment. (Nonsense it was still fairly cool).  All very well for you to say, it wasn't your bot, and it was a very long way down to the hephalents below.

Soon we went back down in the jeep and caught our bus back into Jaipur, and it's then that the scary part came.  This next picture is a clue - can you guess what it is?
 It's a bicycle rickshaw, the one in front of ours and we were launched into this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The staff and Ann weren't really sure what to do and then Alan said "We must get Jock's photo,  so I was hauled out of the bag and held out by Ann - dangled over the road, but you can see that I was quite relaxed about it, though the photo's not very sharp (What a surprise, I was guessing where you were and taking your photo while trying not to get mown down by passing traffic.)  I was relaxed on the outside, but I was quite glad when it was all over. (You were not the only one, and by the time we got you out we'd actually left the worst of the traffic, so it was only marginal mayhem not total anarchy.)

That's about it for to-day.  When we'd finished it was back to the hotel to lie down in a darkened room.

Tomorrow I'll tell you all about the lovely town of Mandawa.



  1. Being dangled around again, and what a shape for poor Lily to be left in, you really need to train the staff better!


    PS, LT says to say to the staff that they need to stop being a 'no reply' blogger and turn off the annoying word verification - google's spam filter is very good...

  2. Oh Jock, now Lily is so sweet, she needs to "share"your limelight. Doesn't she?



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