Thursday, 12 April 2012


 Well we have been busy haven't we. A week into the holiday and I'm only getting the staff in line to write this up for me.  (Watch it or this will be the last post in every sense of the word).  Whatever, we had two plane flights and my companions were somewhat shattered by it all.  We got on our lovely bus and this was my first chance to look out.  I now have my own perch by the window, and while it's often a tad warm, the view is fantastic.
 The bus took us to our hotel in Delhi, the Taj Palace - cor it was posh.  Doesn't Alan look a bit of a nana with that dot on his forehead and the flowers round his neck?  I, of course, carry it off with insouciance as you can see.

No nosh though, well they went off and had some leaving me with Lily (I didn't know she was coming too, so it was a bit of a surprise when Ann sat her down beside me).  She came from the same place as me, but she's a year or two older so the other bears in Ann & Alan's hug thought it would be a good idea for her to come along as well.  I really am glad she came too, one needs support when outnumbered by the servant species. (The what species??? You really are pushing it my lad.)  She looks like I've just cuffed her on the ear, doesn't it, but honest, I didn't.

This is us under pictures of Ganesh the elephant god of prosperity.  He's a funny elephant though 'cos he's got hands. Still he looks friendly enough I must say.

Following a brief respite we were off for a trip around Delhi.  I have to say the place is very interesting but the drivers are quite quite mad.  I had my paws over my eyes quite a lot, but we got through anyway.  This picture is in an old Mosque.  It was very hot indeed and Ann and Alan had to go bearfoot (No Jock, we went barefoot!) Yes, that's what I said.  So they hopped about a lot and stood on the shady bits when they could.  Alan put me down briefly to get a photo but changed his mind - he's been doing that a lot, setting me down on hot rocks, and it gives me a very hot bot I can tell you. (A bit like me after the nice hot curries we've had.)  No need for crudity please Alan!

Next we headed for a very important place in India called the Raj Ghat.  This is where the great Mahatma Gandhi was cremated after some madman killed him in 1948.  Gandhi-Ji as he was known was a very wise man and is still much revered so we went to pay our respects.  The place is  set in lovely gardens and Alan went down to the granite slab and took one pictures you'll be able to see on his website very soon

It was a long hot afternoon so it was certainly time for some grub.  This little poppadom didn't look like much but it was a start.

I made a new friend, Partho in the restaurant and he chose a very nice meal for us all. He was very interested in my story, and I thought he might want to take me home, but he put me down on the table again so that I could have my meal.

 Several subtly different curries with prawns and vegetables in spicy sauces, and they were all very yummy.  I really needed a good wipe down to get all that gravy off my fur - there's only so far a tongue can reach you know! (Too much information bear.)

Then of course Jack told me I had to take care and get lots of beer to wash it all down.  The Kingfisher is very nice indeed.

I was left to sleep it off while they got a tour of the kitchens - fascinating, but more important was that I got to have my picture taken again before we left the restaurant.
 So off we went back up to bed and looked out for the most effective way to get to our room so I hitched a ride on a friendly ephalump ellybelly ELEPHANT, and don't we look smart.  Then we all fell over in a big heap and tried to sleep.

Well, that's about it for now, I hope the staff catches up with things soon, but be patient they are being driven hard. Most mornings we're out and on the road by 8.00 and sometimes sooner. Internet access is a a bit of a problem, but not too bad, so in the next few days the lazy boy will pull his sock up ('Scuse me, who's lazy, and I haven't worn socks since I arrived in India.)  That proves it, no socks so he can't improve, you really can't get the staff any more.

See you soon, byee,


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  1. Oh you're quite right Jock, the staff are often shocking! No socks on his feet though? Pooooeee!



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