Thursday, 5 April 2012

Packing for the road

Well, as I said before I'm packed already (Humph, lucky you- Alan) and you should SEE all the stuff they're taking with them.

Before I helped Ann and Alan I met some of the hug - it's HUGE, but here I am with some of the bears more in my size range.  Poor Cobbear with his Australian hat and coat is disappointed he's not coming too.

Next I helped Ann by sitting on her blouses so they'd go in to the case.  (I hope they aren't too creased as a results -A)
 Alan's new hat certainly wasn't going in the case until I sat on it.  (You're right there but did you have to be so enthusiastic?)
 Here I am with their passports - where's mine?  (You're alright they'll let you in if you smile at them.)
 Finally I get to snuggle down in Alan's camera bag, so that must mean we're ready to go.
Apparently Alan has to cut the grass and have a hair trim and shower first - yuck.

Bye for now whoopee we're on our way.



  1. Have a lovely time - you write very well for such a young bear!! Don't forget to get your photo taken in lots of interesting places whilst you're away and don't wander off by yourself!!!

  2. Well really, couldn't you have been cutting the grass while you waited? Looks like you got that hat well squished anyway, good boy!



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