Monday, 28 October 2013

O Sole Bearo

Beargiorno (sorry bear, its buongiorno.) T'isn't, 'cos I say every bear will understand beargiorno, so you're stooopid if you can't. (Well, I suppose, but then I'm not a bear.) See, told you, now let's get on with our story shall we?
Stooopid here was clearing out his jacket a couple of months ago, when hey presto he pulled out a wad of unexpected Euros. Well, I told him to expect the unexpected, but would he listen? Anyway, Ann also got an offer of a free night in a hotel, so she put Euros and free nights together and got Naples, though we did have to pay for some of our stay. So off we jolly went.

Our hotel was on the shores of the Bay of Naples and we had a fantastic view across at a big mounting called Vesuvius.  He says it's a volcano, but I see no smoke, do you? (Just wait!)

 Next morning we went to Sorrento and caught this boat and went out to Capri.
Then we went up to the top of the island and I perched on the fence to get my photo taken

He said, "Sit with you back to the view and wave, so I did.  Then I looked over the fence - Yikes, it was a long way down.

So to get my pitter pattering palpitatitatiting heart back on an even keel I went and sat on a big Roming stone. He said it was Roming, but it looked pretty static to me. (Not Roming, but Roman, bear.  The Romans put it there a very long time ago and I don't think they ever thought a bear would sit on it.)

I didn't tell you how we got up there did I? We took a bus up to Anacapri and then took a chair lift, so if you've got no head for heights, it's time to put your paws over your eyes. What's that you say? It's a bit late for that? Yeah well I aspose it is.  Can you see me on Ann's shoulder?
When we got down we found some lovely gardens in Capri town and we saw this amazing footpath and nothing would do but for his high and mightiness but that we would walk down it.  (I walked, you rode I think, and you enjoyed it.)
Well... yes I did and the views were lovely. And yes, it's those rocks again. 
Back at the harbour it was time to take a nautie pose (nautical, bear, nautical - you were a very good bear.)  Ah, yes, whatever.  Then it was back on the big boat and home in time for  bed.

Next day we went in a funny creaky wee train to Pompeii, where there were lots of ruins and painted walls and stuff. Being ruins meant that well, there wasn't much left standing, but my humings certainly found it very fascinating, and I liked it too.

We went to the circus, but I think it was a dead loss, there were no aminals, and no acrobats and definitely NO CLOWNS. How can you have a circus with no clowns?  I only went 'cos he said there'd be a circus.  It's a swizz I tell you. (Sorry bear, but Roman circuses weren't so nice.)

On Sunday we went on a cruise down the Amalfi Coast. When we got to Sorrento, we had breakfast and then clambered on the boat. Here I am cutting another nautie pose (I give up.)

Then I settled down in his camera bag to enjoy the view.  That's Ann's foot and it was a bit close for comfort at times.

When we got to Amalfi we had a nice walk around and bighead had an ice-cream, and I didn't get my picture taken with it! Still, it tasted lovely.
On our last day we went up Vesuvius, and had a nice walk up to the top.
Here I am with Ann, looking into the middle of the mounting.  It's got a GREAT BIG HOLE in the middiddle, so it has, TUGE in fact.
See? I told you
 Alan held on to me and calmed me down and then I said I'd like to sit on the rail and have my photo taken as a BIG BRAVE BEAR. So here I are.
 And, just so's you know there is smoke coming out of that there mounting, and right pongy it is too.

See you all again soon,


  1. Hi Jock,

    I was wondering where you were, I don't trust "him" and worry about where he may have stashed you.

    Great photos. But be beary careful sitting on those railings way up in the mountains. Don't listen to Mr Him about striking a pose.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Hmm, we don't believe you went to Italy, not a single ice cream in sight!

    Jack, Boo & The Clan

  3. You have such interesting places to go. Everything accient and so much history. Our country is still so young we don't have ruins...( Broken down bits.) You are a lucky bear. I don't think I would be going too near that volcano. What if decided to bubble up????
    Hugs Wilbur

  4. Hi Jock,

    Dare I tell you that I wouldn't mind trading places with you every once in a while? I wouldn't even mind Ann's foot near my seating spot. Heck, she can rest her feet on my knees if it will get me to Italy to see all the places you have been. You are one lucky bear and those are great photos - even the ones you aren't in. I LOVE that path - and if you can convince your humins that I would be a great asset to your travels, I will even carry you down that path for them. Well, I better go and tell Sebastian how fortunate he is to know a bear that has such grand adventures.

    Take care little bear and do start dropping hints about how you'd love for me to come along next time, okay?



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