Saturday, 28 September 2013

I ARE a work of art!

A quick 'ceding 'citing post. I are officially a WORK of ART. (It's been said before!) 

Well, he's in it too and you can't have everything.
We are back in the Netherlands and to-day we went to the Unseen Photo Fair where we took part in the   "Outside In" project and became part of a work of art.
We went into this big hall place and there were HUGE pictures of people all over one wall and on the floor.

At one end there were people queueing up behind a van that looked like a camera, and every now and then a picture would spew out of a slot in the side an the people got very tocited and smiled a lot.

 Well, we had to join the line and watch all the tocited people getting their silly photos. (Oh, come on grumpy, it was a lot of fun watching people of all ages giggling and playing about. It put a smile on everyone's face.) Well, I aspose so, but it's 15 minutes I'll never get back.

Eventually we got up to the back of the van and his nibs and I climbed aboard. We had to look at a screen and smile and then, Flash! Then, calm as you like, he get's out. "Is that it?" I said. "Is that what they're getting all tocited for?"  "Yes," says he,"Just be patient," He says. Well, I had a bit of a harumph and sighed a bit.
Next thing I know we're standing at the side of the van like all the other eejits before us and then..tada.. magic happens, and first my feet appeared and then the rest of me shortly followed by a grinning idiot. 

 We had become part of a work of art. A nice lady took our photos together and then I said, "Come on then, let's get the real star's photie," and here you see me bigger than life size.

At the end of all the 'citement we went to the other end of the hall and joined all the other people getting stuck to the floor! Finally I are famous, just like Moaning Lisa, or maybe the Girl with the Pearl Earlug.

See you all again soon.




  1. Now we'll never fit his head through the door...


  2. Well, ain't you somethin'?! I am impressed too! And good for you both. I would have loved to have been there to document the documentation and then see you stuck to the floor. You know you are a very rare bear and lucky to have someone so special to take you to all kinds of tociting (?) places.

    Yea for Jock and Yea for his staff!

    ~ginger & Sebastian

  3. Jock are you on the floor or the wall? You must be a celebrity with all those people looking at you. I would not have liked the wait..

  4. I had heard that Amsterdam is a place where strange things can happen and ending up on the floor is not an uncommon outcome but this must be one of the strangest of all!
    Have a safe trip home.
    Lots of


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