Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy New year, and that sort of thing

Hello all, sorry I've been away - his fault you know (All true. I admit it.) Coo, that's a first.

A bit of pre-history is needed.  I need to tell you about Chrifniss 'n stuff. We went up to Glasgow for the holiday and we had a great time.

Chrifniss Day (Christmas bear!) Stop interferating, it's Chrifness to me. (Ah, ok). Ahem, Chrifniss Day was special.  I had a great big secrut, secrit secret to keep from Ann. Can you see me in the background sitting on a box?  I think I nearly gave the game away, by jumping up and down and shouting, "Open this one Ann, open this one first! Ann, Ann, ANNNNN!"
Well, eventually she noticed, and she saw that the box had a straw sticking out the side.  I said, "Can you guess what's inside?" And she said, "I wonder? It's all a bit of a myskery, but maybe you can help me to open the box." So, of course, I did and out popped a bear! I knew that's what was inside, but it was a secret between Alan and me.  The straw was a breathing tube for when he was all shut up inside the box.  
Please welcome Zeke to our hug, here we are sitting on Alan's pressie from Katy.   

Zeke came all the way from Ginger Brame and Sebastian, and he's come to go travelling with me! Alan says it's only when Ann's going, and he'll probably go with her when she travels on her own. That will be nice for her, but not so much for me I think, as he'll be away and I'll be home.  (Sometimes the boot will be on the other foot. He'll be at home and you'll travel.) Oh, really.  If a boot's involved, does that mean Wilbur will be there too?  (No sorry, that's just a turn of phrase. Wilbur lives in Australia and won't be joining us.) Ah, that's a shame.

Well, after the 'citement of the morning it soon came to be dinner time and we all had a great meal.
Zeke and I tucked in to the parma ham and pomegranate and salad, and then our main course of sitka deer, though the photographer fell down on that one. You can't get the staff, can you? (Mm, sorry.)  I should jolly well think so too!
Pudding came and Zeke and I thought it looked nice, but..
Bears need more than an ickle bowl of Chrifniss pud, don't they? So we got fell in.

 When we'd polished that off we were a tad full, but it is amazing what a bear can tuck away - after all look at those grizzlies and the salmon.

 Next we came across another interesting thing.  Zeke saw all that whiteness and said, "Say, Jock, is that snow?"

Titter, tee hee, "No it's much better than that, IT'S MUCH BETTER THAN SNOW. IT"S CHRIFNISS CAKE! HOORAY"

 After all that 'citement we only got an ickle piece, but it was yummy. (After what you did to the Christmas pudding, there's no way I was going to allow you two free rein with the cake.) Spoilsport, but I aspose there wouldn't have been any to keep us going into the New Year.

After dinner Alan, Ann and Katy did the clearing up. But it was all too much for Nancy - Katy's Gran.

 A little while later we saw to it that it became all too much for us too.  Alan opened some Calvados.  I said "What's that made from?" and he said "Apples." So Zeke and I deemed that it must be one of our 5 a day and therefore A Good Thing.
 While I could get into the glass, I had to help Zeke.  We think it smelled lovely and tasted even better.
 When we'd done, we weren't feeling any pain.  Who needs peanut butter and honey after that before toddling off to bed?

The very next day we had even more tocitement.  We went to the theatre and saw "The Jingle Book" (No bear it was the Jungle Book, and do you remember who was in it?) Ah, yes of course it just it was Chrifniss and you get Jingle Bells, so I thought Jingle Book. (An easy mistake to make.) Yes I remember who was in it, lot's of jungle aminals, but best of all - a bear!

Here Zeke and I are getting our photos taken with the poster. Ann kindly held us up so we could be beside our hero.

Anyway, there was Mowgli, Akela, Baghera, Shere Khan (Booooo!) and very besets of them all was Baloo. How Zeke and I cheered every time Baloo came on stage.  Do you like it?  It was a very exciting show with lots of drama, but the monkeys were very silly and nearly led Mowgli straight into Shere Khan's (Booooo) jaws.  After that Mowgli learned to listen better to Baloo (Hooray, hooray, hip hip for our hero!)  That was definitely the bestest bit of Chrifniss - apart from meeting Zeke of course.

Well, all good things come to an end, and soon we had to come home, but then I got to have Zeke on my motorbike. Doesn't he look well on the back and even the font.

 Though maybe he shouldn't try to ride this way too often.

Speak to you all soon, I 'spect it will be from Indjar.


Jock and the hug.


  1. A belated Merry Chrifniss to all of you. Hope you and Zeke get to go to Indjar together. Miss Ann is so sweet, she will pack you both up and take you everywhere. Now, that Mr. Alan.........not so sure, he has been known to leaving Jock at home, all by his bearself.

    Mr. Alan I am watching you, so is Vlad.

    Prudence ♥

    1. Hello Prudence, Alan means to take me with him, and most times he does when he's out of the UK. I'm never alone because I have all the rest of the hug, but it is nice when he remembers me.
      As for Vlad, I'm not going to get too close to a vulture, especially one called Vlad. I mean named after a vampire, shudder.

  2. Hi Jock, I'm so pleased you have Zeke for company. I keep asking Granny for a brother, she says she is too old....?????
    That Calvados sounds good stuff. I need to put it on Granny's shopping list. (Bet she wont buy it.)
    Have a wonderful holiday in Injdja... You might even be able to buy boots like mine there.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  3. Between the Calvados and the brandy butter, it was never going to end well...

  4. Hi Jock,

    I can see you had quite an exciting holiday and it looks like there is more to come. Sebastian says to tell you to have twice as much fun so he can have half. He would love to go with you when you travel. He says it all seems so exotic and exciting.

    Oh and hello to Zeke from all of us here. We are quite pleased that he arrived in good time and as a surprise for such a sweet lady. No doubt Zeke will be spoiled - oops! I mean even MORE spoiled as time goes by. I'm sure he thinks he was treated quite shabbily while he was here since he never had any of the delicacies that you have given him. Oh well. Guess that shows you what kind of world the bears here live in - deprived!

    In any case, I am quite convinced that with the three humans and all the bears and the motorbike that there will never be a dull moment over there.

    Have fun and give everyone there - humans and bears - a huge hug from me and a bear hug from Sebastian!



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