Monday, 16 July 2012

I've been everywhere!

The other title for this is "Which way is up."  Talk about busy - you have no idea.  All this travelling is fun, but it's tiring. (Excuse me - all you have to do is snuggle down and get carried. I do all the humphing around.) Poor you indeed!  It's what you're there for, so just get on with the story.

Was it only two weeks ago?  It seems like forever for a young bear.  First we went to Germany, the day after Alan had been to Londing for the day - and LEFT ME BEHIND - meany. (Get over it.)  Well anyway, we flew to Londing again and then off to Munich.  This is me in Terminal 5 at Heafrow near Londing. We stopped there on the way to Munich 'cos though we flew to Munich we flew back from Vienna - it's all very confusing for a bouncefill brain I can tell you.

We had a nice flight though there wasn't much to eat, so our tummies were rumbling when we got there and we had to rush for a train.  The first train into Munich was so late that we missed our train to the place we were staying called Treuchtlingen.  Alan spoke to a very helpful lady who  changed us onto another two trains which we just about got.  Here I am after we arrived at the place we had to change trains, and that's my train behind.  It's very smart isn't it and it's called an ICE train, though it wasn't at all cold.  We were near the front and you could see out past the driver man along the track, and that was most exciting.

 The place we changed trains was called Nuremberg, and it's supposed to be very lovely but also quite spooky, but we didn't have time to look because we had to catch the next train.  This was a regional express and it was very nice.  I had a comfortable perch on top of my travelling bag - he thinks it's his camera bag, but I just beartend that it is, it's really my bag and I let him put his cameras in there so I can guard them.

I got quite a good view out of the window, but though there was some nice country to look at, a lot of the time it was towns and stuff.

We got to Treuchtlingen and our tummies were still rumbling so we went and had some food and that helped.

Next day he did a CRAZY 570 mile round trip by car for just one meeting! He was too tired to take my photo, and that's understandable.  
The following morning we went to Herbert's house. Herbert is a very nice man who helps Alan in Germany.  We met his wife, a lady called Michaela, who has lots of bears but we didn't get a photo of them.  She is a very nice lady too and we got something to drink and I got a little snack.  Don't worry, I didn't eat it all, but I gave it a good try and the jam filling was great for later slurps as it got well into my fur when I was eating.  (That's why the camera bag is sticky then - you'll have to be more careful.)  Yeah, yeah, yeah, stop moaning.  A bear has to subsist you know.  We also met their new kitten called Lucky.  It was a nice kitten, but they grow up into cats and I'm not so sure about them.

After we had our snack Alan and Herbert had a meeting in Munich and then we drove all the way to Vienna.  Are you tired yet? We haven't even got half way!  
On the way to Vienna we stopped for lunch at a lovely lake called the Chiemsee.  The weather was hot and sunny so we went for a stroll and I got my photos taken down by the waterside.  It the first one you can see a lady having a paddle and nearly getting her clothes wet.  There were other people swimming, but we had no time to stop and join in, 'cos we still had a long way to go, first driving around Salzburg and then Melk and finally into Vienna very late indeed.

Because it was so late we didn't see much of Vienna, and though we'd hoped to spend some time there the new morning Alan's meeting was very long - which was very good - but afterwards we just went straight to the airport.  Here I am in the lounge and that's our nairyplane waiting for us to get on.

We had a good flight, though again our tummies were very rumbly by the time we reached Londing. Then we went to see Auntie Ros and Uncle Terry.  Ann arrived too from Amsterdam and the next day Katy and Jack arrived, but I'll tell you all about our excitement to-morrow.




  1. Hi Jock,

    Prudence is at camp so I will be visiting you until she gets home.

    Very nice pictures - I know hired help can be trying, but who else would carry all you bags for you, pay for your lunch and travel? I think you need to keep him.

    Kitties are wonderful, not all of them grow up to be lions.

    Prudence's Mom

  2. Hi Jock,

    What an adventure! You've been to more places in one week than most bears go their whole entire life. Good for you - sticky camera bag aside. I admire your fortitude - you are very very lucky to meet such nice people who will welcome you along on some of their outings. Perhaps you can use your influence to get those meetings shortened and spend more time out and about (with photos!) so the rest of us can live vicariously through you!


    PS Sebastian says for you not to set the bar so high that he has to work too hard to keep up. Also, he thinks you have a cushy life since I do expect him to do a little bit of something now and again to help out around here - like pick up his own cookie crumbs and make up his bed.

  3. *Excuse us, Jack just had to run and boak at the idea of seeing out the front of the train*

    Anywho, the rest of the journey looks fun, especially the sweet treats. LT just sneezed at the thought of the kitten though...


    The Clan and Jack


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