Monday, 25 June 2012

Snot fair

I beg your pardon bear? Well it isn't. You promised me Germany and all you took me to was Londing. Ah, you mean "It's not fair." Yes, that's what I said, don't argue. But your title is a bit rude. Don't care, so there.

Getting back to the subject, we were meant to be going to Germany, but somehow or other we didn't go. The meetings were cancelled - don't get me started. We're going next week instead. Well I'm not holding my little breath.

ANYWAY, as I was saying. We got all packed up and ready to go, when the plug got pulled.  But that was alright in a way 'cos it was Ann's birthday and we thought we'd be away for it. Instead we had a wee party on the night with carrot cake and boy does that icing get into your fur.  Still, you can lick your paws for DAYS afterwards.

So on Wednesday were set off in the train. See, we got a very posh table with a light on it, and he was able to pig out on the free snacks and drinks and things. Tell tale tit. I had a small cake and a cup of tea. Well, and a glass of wine. See, I told you, he's a great big oinker.  'Scuse me, who had left over icing to keep them going?  Oinker, oinker, oinker. Takes one to know one.

Well, we arrived in Londing and took the tube and a taxi to Auntie Ros and Uncle Terry's house and it was really nice.  They have a balcony and I was able to go out and watch the river.  Do you like my flag?  It was for the celbearation of the Queen's 60th jubilee.  All the boats came down the river and passed right by their window, but that was  before we got there so I missed it, and the great big party.  We went to Ireland that day, sorry.  I waved the flag anyway 'cos that was fun.

In the next photo I'm sitting on the flag, because I very nearly got blowed away, and sitting on the flag was safer, and in the last photo of me this week I got to sit on the table and admire the view.  The spiky thing in the background is call the Shard Thames Tower, but it doesn't look too big to me in this picture, but if you look at the other one you can see that it sticks up quite a way.  In fact Alan says it's the tallest building in Western Europe, so I suppose it is quite big.

 If you want to see what Londing looks like from the top of the tower you can look here It's 360 degree panorama from the top and you can zoom in and whizz around, and get very dizzy if you do it too quickly. Alan's just been looking at it and now my eyes are every which way.  You can see the 'Lympic stadium, the Gherkin (The Swiss Re Tower), and the Londing Eye, and the river, and the Houses of Parlimint and Bearkingham Palace and everything. Oh it's exciting.  Makes up for not going to Germany I aspose.

Home this week, then Germany and Austria next week and Londing again and then Phillydelfia.  See you soon.



  1. Hi Jock,

    Whoa, that view is beartacular, but I got so dizzy I fell off the puter chair.

    Gee whiz, what's up with Mr. Alan? He spoils your trip, under minds you, and is constantly interrupting you. Boy oh boy.

    But - the one good thing 'bout having your trip to Germany postponed is that now you have that to look forward to next week.

    See, there's always a silver lining...

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

  2. Hmm, we thinks you're going to get jet lag with all that whizzing around the world - we're going to get stuck with photos of you napping if you're not careful!

    Jack and The Clan


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