Sunday, 3 June 2012

Barking Nephalents

I have disturbing news.  I seem to be living with something that is somewhere between a tuman, a fearsome doggy and a nephalant.  It's quite disturbing for a wee bear.

Alan was snuffling for a bit, but for the last five or six days he's been behaving a bit like a doggy and barking all the time.  He bends over and makes the most spectacular noise - a wheeze then a frightening bark.  Then he sits up and clamps a big spotted hankie over his nose and pretends to be a nephalent - trumpety-trumpet.  I can't understand it, but he's getting to be a bit more like himself though he has to take yellow and red capsules with things called bioticals or something in them - oops there he goes again.  Should I run away or stay? All this acting like other animals means he isn't paying to much attention to me.

Continuing the travelling
Since we got back from India, I have seen a few more places, though mainly from hotel rooms.

We'd been back a week when, whee off we went again.  To Londing a great big place for bears and tumans too.  Alan was out busy every day so I got to stay in his room.  I did get to play and by piling things up on the desk and scrambling up I got to see a school playground way down below me. School looks like fun.  There was a pertend ship, with a cabin and a porthole. Next to it there was a crocodile - not a real one but painted on the ground in pretty colours, and there were coloured dots to jump on and everything.   Sometimes it was even more exciting up there because to the right, tho you can't see it, is a big tall norspital with a flat roof and every now and again a cheliopter would land on it.  It was bright yellow and seemed to have people inside lying down and being carried into the norspital.  Alan says they were patience or something and very sick.

It was an exciting week even if he didn't take me out anywhere.
Home again on Friday and then on Sunday we went to Ipswich - not a very interesting place and all I could see out the widow was more buildings and wet roofs 

so I just sat on his pillow and tried to make as big a dent as I could.
Back home we went and the at the end of the week it was back to Londing.  I wanted to see that playground and norspital, but all there was to see out the window was a building site so I just sat on the desk and sulked.

 Things started to look up the following week, because we went to Germany to a place called Cologne, another big place for wee bears. We stayed in a very grand hotel - called The Grand Hotel, Schloss Bensberg.  When he told me the name I could hardly get my teeth around the schloss bit - but it just means castle.  Here I am sitting on the windowsill outside Alan's room.  You can just make out the top of the plashy fountain that was in the grounds.  For once I wasn't in danger of falling out and there was no risk of a hot bot moment.

The next picture is of me sitting on a sculpture in the grounds with the castle behind - very grand isn't it.  So grand is it that we even got a yummy chocolate each night, and the conference organisers had left a bigger bar in the room too and we scoffed the lot!

On our way home we went into the city and I got the chance to see the cathedral.  It was a sunny day and there were lots of people in the square and round about, so I kept myself self out of reach of sticky fingers.

We were no sooner home than whee off we went to Scotland to see Ann's Mum Nancy and also visit LT.  We all went out on Saturday so that 87 year old Nancy could take a class on her iPad. Clever and adventurous isn't she?

When she'd done that we went to a beautiful park in Glasgow called Pollock Park, which is where I saw this great big lion, well it wasn't so much lion as hunkering, ha, ha.  You can blame the script writer for that terrible joke.

Anyway it was nice sitting in the sun enjoying the warmth and meeting new people.  This time I got a mildly warm bot and it was quite pleasant.

It was the next day that he began to behave oddly.  He even worked from home for a couple of days, while practising to be a nephalent, and then whoosh off we went to Londing again, though this time not to a hotel.  

Instead we stayed at my Auntie Ros's and Uncle Terry's place.  They live in a very nice flat overlooking the Thames.  This week there's a big party on the river  for the Queen,'cos she's been Queen for 60 years, and lots of ships have come to see her.  When Alan, Ros and Terry came back from dinner, this is what they could see across the river.  It's a French ship called the Belem, but we couldn't really see much in the dark.

The flat is just down river from Tower Bridge and it has been specially lit up for the party.  The colours change from red to white to blue and it's all very pretty.  Alan took this after he had been sent to the doctor by Auntie Ros.  She said he was proper poorly. (So did the doctor.  He said "If you have any breathing difficulties go straight to hospital.") Oh my.

On Friday morning the sun shone and, though he was still being part doggy, part nephalent, Alan got this nice picture of the Belem.  Can you see the men up the mast?

Well that was that and off we went home.  This is the only photo of me on the trip and that's on the train on the way home.  It's a bit fuzzy, but I'll forgive him as he wasn't well and he was using his iPhone.

To-morrow it's off to Ireland and then next week London and the following week Germany, so it's all go at the moment.



  1. For a wee little guy you sure are putting the miles on.

    Keep sending pictures.


  2. LT says 'Is he *still* trying to pull the sympathy card?' Glad you had fun exploring anyway, I got to London last weekend, and ended up in all sorts of cleavages...



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