Thursday, 24 May 2012

Wonders will never cease

Indeedy,finally the staff get down to writing for me.  I think I may start looking for another amanuensis - wotever that is - but he does still take me places so I suppose I shouldn't complain. No you shouldn't. Spoil Sport.

Where was I? My bounce filled brain is struggling to remember. Ah yes Ranthambhore.   Before we have a few more photos of the tigers, I think I'll share a few more animals and birds that we saw. First of all some monkeys.  We liked this mother and big baby in the banyan tree.  The mummy langur looks really relaxed sitting in among the roots doesn't she, and her colour matches so well too.

Next we have a real live cheeky monkey.  Alan says I'm a cheeky monkey sometimes and I don't look at all like this.  We were looking for the tigers and this baby was in the tree with it's mummy.  As we got close and stopped to look, it clambered round and had a good look at us too. I like its big ears and shiny eyes.

I thought it was having fun and I wanted to go up there and play too, but it was too far up for me to jump 'cos I've only got wee legs and heavy insides, so I just had to stay with Ann and Alan.

Now this is a Ruddy Mongoose. No I'm not being rude about it, it's just that it has a red face (embarrassment at being photographed, I spect.) Alan's not too pleased about the sharpness of this one, but it was nearly dark when he took so I suppose I'll let him off.  There were two mongooses (mongeese?) hunting together among the rocks and it was quite hard to see them.  They were looking for snakes to eat - coo, you wouldn't catch me doing that.

Here are a few more birds too. The little bird with the black crest and the fiercely blue eye is a Brahminy Starling, and the one with the browny orangey back is a Ruffous Treepie. I think browny-orangey treepie (pronounced treepee) sounds much less pompous myself, but hey humans just are - pompous that is.

Next we have a spottie wollet (Spotted Owlet), yes, that's what I said.  It was looking a bit unsure of himself sitting out in the daylight and he sort of squinted at us and went on sitting there.  On our last bird, and even the last animal we saw in the park was  a Brown Fish Wol. Again it was getting dark and Alan was very pleased to get this picture through the branches of the tree as it sat there looking at us with it's big yellow eyes.  I know they eat brown fish - I'm not surprised the fish are brown the water in the pools looked a bit that way, but I thought it might have been lining me up for a little snackeral, so I couried down just in case.

I thought I'd show you a picture of these lovely little Indian Antelopes.  They look just like Tommies from Africa, don't they.  They are very small but they can still fight with each other as you can see.

Finally, Finally a few more pictures of tigers. 

The first two are of Machali again - isn't she big and scary?   The next two are of the young tiger looking a little bewildered at all the fuss made by the noisy people in the vehicles behind ours.  Raj told them off for scaring her and that was quite right too.  

The last picture of the tigers is of me with a different Machali who walked out of the bush just behind us to be my friend. She's a very inexperienced tiger indeed and she suddenly appeared last Saturday when Alan and Ann came home from a dance.  Very strange I say (We won her in a raffle). No, I bet she just knew you'd been to India and came home 'cos she liked the thought of meeting me.  Anyway she's here to stay. 
Well, that was it for India, after we'd seen the tigers for one last time, it was trains, 'n 'nother big notel 'n 'nother big nairyplane and bump back to reality.  But I still have stuff to tell you about, when he can get his act together.

Until then, byee,



  1. Oh, I love the picture of "Puss & Jock". Giggle.

    Am I understanding that Mr. Alan won't let you go to Camp Good Bear? Everybear is going, you know.

    Hugs ♥

  2. Good grief, at the rate the staff types, he might as well be etching it in stone. Actually, are you sure he isn't? I hear them talking about these tablet things a lot you know...

    The new Machali looks like a suitable playmate, the others look like they might have had you for breakfast!

    Jack and The Clan


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