Thursday, 19 July 2012

The singing people

Now, where was I when the hired help ran out of steam?  Ah yes, Vienna about to get on a nairyplane to Londing.  My, it was a rush getting across Londing, whizz whizz, the nairyplane was late taking off 'cos the radar in the Munich area was down - whatever that means (That's a hard one bear, but people on the ground use radar to see all the planes, and if they can't see them it's not safe.)  Clear as mud. Well the driver on the plane said that meant we couldn't fly till they changed the fuse, so we arrived quite late in Londing and even later at Auntie Ros's flat.  Then Ann was even later coming in from Amsterdam and she rush rush rushed out to dinner with Ros, Terry and Alan, leaving me to play in the flat.

Next morning Katy and Jack arrived - hooray - and then he went out with Katy and left me behind.  They soon got back and we were able to play.

Here he is with Katy's camera.  He tried to pick it up, but it nearly fell and crusheded him.

We had a great time and we hardly had time to it sit down.  First we had a good old gossip about the Clan - well we did while we climbed over everything.  Finally Alan sat us down and took our picture.  I thought I was an ickle bear until I met Jack.  He really is very ickle isn't he?

On Sunday I stayed with Ros while Alan and Terry went for a walk in the rain and got WET. I'm glad I didn't go along 'cos I don't like wet.  Ann and Katy went on a 'xciting trip with Jack to the Royal Albeart Hall in another part of Londing, where they sang and sang all day, just like Christopher Robin.

Then in the evening was the grand concert - can you see them, they are way down on the left in blue - well Jack isn't of course, in blue that is, just good fur brown.  They sang in the world premier of a choral work by Karl Jenkins.  It was interesting but it had no real words, just beartend ones. The new work is called The Gods of Olympus and it was part of the Cultural Olympiad. In the second half they sang The Armed Man and that's well known.

It was a fine evening, and then Jack and I met up again and decided it was time to go out on the balcony, even though it was raining.  We could just see the river down below us, but there were no tall ships there this time and that disappointed Jack.

All good things come to an end and we had to go to bed 'cos I was getting up early to go to Philldelfier.  But that's another story for another day.



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  1. Huh, the staff haven't even written up my part of the trip, I fear they have completely fallen down on the job...



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