Saturday, 5 April 2014

Mysore and Orange County and Nearly Nephalents

Hi there - partners in crime Jock and Zeke here. (Crime?) 's a manner of speaking eejit, we're honest really. (Ah, that's alright then. I didn't want to have to hide you from the Indian Police.) Na, don't worry. Anyway we piled into the car and went to noisy, noisy, Mysore.  A pleasant enough is slightly scary journey. We occasionally did have to clap our paws over our eyes, but Mr Shijo our driver is very careful.
We got all tocited when we got to our hotel.  Here were some nephalents and near our room too.  First we got to ride a great big nephie, but that was quite high up so then we found Jock and Zeke sized ones and they were really cool, 'cos we didn't worry about falling off.

After our ride on the nephies we went out for the day. First we went to a temple, but we just looked at it from the safety of the car 'cos there were naughty monkeys and Alan and Ann were worried that we would get bear napped and never be seen again. So we waited until we came down the hill a bit and foot our photie taken in front of the city.  Then we had to rush back to the hotel
Remember my bad joke about Mysore?  Well, Alan was sore and we had to leave him in the hotel for rest of the day while we went out with Ann. We saw a special palace, and Ann bought some silk. Then we had lunch in a nice restaurant with our lovely lady guide.  After going round a (yawn) art gallery we headed back to the hotel where Alan was finally feeling ok, and he has been ever since. 

Next morning before we left for our next place, we decided that it was important that we have another practice riding on nephalents, 'cos you never know when it's going to be necessary to bring all our experience into play. So, we had a go on another matched pair.
Then we spied a friendly tigger and got our photie taken with him.  I think he has a nice smile, what about you?

He was such a friendly tigger (tiger, bear, tiger) tigger, tiger, who cares, he let us ride on his back.  He was just the right size for both of us!

Well, next day all was well and we went to a lovely place called Orange County in a lovely place called Coorg.  First things first. After we were shown to our cottage we saw a lovely plate of sweeties and all for us! There was a bit of scrapping over who ate what, but all in all we enjoyed our choccies.

Now for a tour of our ickle back yard. Do you like the lily pond and the bear sized pool. Apparently it was an definitiy pool. (Infinity.) Well it definitely had a good view so my name's best.  We could sit in the shade and watch the birds in the coffee and pepper plantation.  It was all great fun and the birds were beautiful.
When we got fed up with our lickle pool there were two other big pools.  This is the one by the restaurant, where his nibs was able to write episode 1.
Alan says it was the bestest hotel he's EVER stayed in with lovely people to help, excellent food and lots of things to-day. We will defertootly be going back. Alan and Ann met a lovely man called Ganesh and another called Murti.  Ganesh organised events like a walk in the plantation and a bird-watching walk both of which were led by Murti who knew all the birds and told us all about coffee.  By the way have you ever smelt coffee flowers. Can you guess what the smell like? No? I'll tell you at the end.

One day we went back to the room to find that the housekeeping staff and left some lovely peacocks made from towels and flowers.
In the evening there are cultural events, and on the first day we went there were a group of men who were singing and playing cymbal things while dancing and then making tumin pyramids. Colourful weren't we.
On the last day (boo-hoo) we went back to find that we had a monkey to play with. Again the lovely housekeeping staff made him.  Isn't he fun.
Well that's about it for this time, but I aspose you want to know what coffee smells like?  First this is what it looks like.
It smells like Jasmine only much nicer. Really heady. So now you know.
Till next time.

Hot and sticky Jock and Zeke.


  1. How handy you were able to find some local animals just your size to get acquainted with. We hope you took on board how to make one of those monkeys too, 'cos we want to know how!

    Jack, Boo & The Clan

  2. Jock and Zeke, Sound like you need another dip in that pool if you are hot and sticky. Or is the stick from those chocolates.
    So many exciting things are happening to you. I'm glad you weren't nabed by those moneys. Otherwise you would have to live forever in that monastery.
    We will be waiting for the next installment.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Hi Jock & Zeke (& Alan & Ann too),

    What a wonderful adventure you are on! I'm so glad that you have had a chance to meet all the animals and ride them too. Not everyone gets to do that you know! I love the towel animals. We got some very much like that when we were on the cruise. I am impressed. I learned how to make a swan but it wasn't nearly as pretty as your peacocks!

    I hope you continue to be safe and have fun! Sebastian is taking notes and says I must remember the names of all the people you meet so when we go I can say we are your friends. I tried to explain that India was a big country and very far away but that didn't seem to make much difference to him. He's very insistent like that.

    Anyway, have fun and keep sending photos! We love them and are so happy that you are having a great time.

    ~ginger & Sebastian


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