Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hooray, we are in Injar

Yawn, yawn, "Is it ever going to happen?" I asked Zeke.  A little beady eye opened, "Nope, I cain't say that I think it will Jock.  I jess think they're pulling our legs." "I think you're right, but I tell you what my littler friend, I'm not taking my eye off these cases for ANYTHING."
And then then suddenly we were on a tuge, TUGE, big nairyplane up in the sky. 
Here we are a reading of the me and you.  You see which ever side of it we sat it was that page is for me and that page is for you, 'cos the one that got "you" hadn't a clue 'cos it was written in funny squiggles (Arabic bear. arabic). Whatever, we couldn't make head or tail of it even trying to read it right to left!  Well, that would have been the correct way to read it, but I doubt if you'd have made sense of it anyway.

Well, maybe not, but once we'd got ourselves outside that wine, it all seemed so much easier to read.

We arrived in Bangalore in time to get to our hotel so that the tired out humans could get a zizz. Silly peeps - Zeke and I were ready to rock and roll. (I'm not surprised after the consumption of that wine. Not so much knockout drops, as knockout glugs!)

Here we are on our balcony, watiently paiting for the staff to get their act together, 'cos it was overdue time for a snackeral. 

So we sat down and I thought we'd have to eat that pretty flower, but then some ickle crips and spicy peanuts arrived.  Well, they were nice, but I thought, "Is that it then?  The famous Injun cuisine?"  (Bear,  I have told you it's India and Indian.) Oh, have I been getting it wrong? Yep. WHATEVER.  (No, sorry you have to get it right!) Oh, alright then Mr TEECHUR. 

Then, just as we wus despairing, in comes a couple of delicious plates of tandoori delicacies. We left the boring veggies to the humans and tucked into the koftas and the chicken.  Yum, though here was a bit of a scrap over that third kofta. His nibs had to get involved. He solved the debate, 'cos HE ATE IT. Can you imagine!?

After we'd had our fill a nice man called Joe came and took us to a big garding called the Lalbagh, and we got to ride on a heffalent.
Then, this morning we found another one in the hotel and we got to ride it too.  This was just before we left to travel to Mysore - No I'm not, nor is Zeke!  Ha, ha, ha - get it M y sore?  (Don't give up the day job.)

Well we travelled a lot and saw birds and things and paintings of heffalents, but none to ride on, so when we got to Mysore we had to have a little something (As you do.). Indeed we do. So this was some Mango Lassie (Lassi) Well, you know what I mean, a mango yoghurt thingy and some mango cheesecake. Yummy.

Termorrer we're off in search of more heffalents. We'll be back soon.


Jock and Zeke


  1. Hi Guys,

    You bearingly are having a great time. Funny, you call them heffalents and I call them ellies. Doesn't matter, I NEVER have trouble understanding you, your mister human.....that's another story.

    Have fun in your search for more ellies.


  2. Hi Guys you sound as though exciting things are going to happen. Did you need a ladder to climb up on that Elli or did you get a heave ho.
    We love hearing of your adventures.
    Hugs Wilbur

  3. Well really, you can't get the staff these days, sleeping on the job, then eating all the goodies! Pfft.

    Jack, Boo & The Clan


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