Sunday, 14 October 2012

The Runaway Bear

Sniff, sniff, is there anyone out there who loves a bear?  Abandinged again! I would seriously consider an offer of new home.

So there I was yesterday morning all tocited And ready for another adventure, when off he swans happy as Larry and leaves me behind!?!  I was sitting there shouting for him and he just waltzed out the door with his camera bag and went off to Liverpool ON HIS OWN - swine.
He saw nice yellow lorries that go in the water and a big red boat with a light on the top and I didn't get to see them.  I could have had great fun playing with them, but it didn't happen, 'cos I didn't go.  I just sat and cried and cried.

 There was only one thing for it - to teach him a great big LESSON.  I decided to run away and see how long it would take him to catch me.
 Well, I told Ann that it was all too much and that I'd be leaving as soon as I was packed and ready.  She was very sad, but I said that there was no changing my mind, and could I please use that nice spotty hankie as it was perfect for taking all my belongings.
 So I got some hunny and chocolit and biskits and a book to read and I wrapped them up in the spotty hankie, and got a stick so I could carry them.
 Then I made for the big wide world, and it looked quite scary, 'cos I'm only a wee bear and even what he calls "Those bloody cats." are quite big. I'm smaller even than the singing blackbirds and they're very pretty and tuneful.
 I was very determined, but then I realised that the jar of hunny weighed more than me and the step was quite high.
 I was still trying to get over the step when he cam home and picked me up.  He was very sorry, but I wasn't ready to forgive him.  But then he let me have a pickernicker on the spotty hankie, and it's amazing how good a biskit dipped in hunny can make you feel better, specially if it's accompanied by a bit of chokolit.  I had a nice read of my book too.
 Ann came home and found that I hadn't run away after all, so she was very happy and dried up all her tears.
So it all ended quite well, though he had better watch out, 'cos next time he might not be so lucky.

I'm very, very sorry Jock.  I didn't mean to leave you behind, and I had pangs of conscience when I realised, but by then it was too late to go back home.  I'll really, really try to remember to take you next time and to write it up too.  Next month we're off to Portugal and Amsterdam, and in December to Colorado, so you'll definitely get out and about for those trips.

I forgive you this time, but you'd better remember to take me or there'll be trouble.

Till next time,  all the best,

Hugs, a slightly mollified,



  1. It must have been awful for you being on your own all day and I was totally overwhelmed by the flood of tears that met me at the front door when I came home from where I'd been, about an hour before Alan. If he ever does that sort of thing to you again, you can come and be my bear and I'll take much better care of you.

  2. Hi Jock,

    THAT SWINE! If he EVER does that to you again I want you to come here to the USA and live with us. Here, bears rule. Mom says she will send the airfare too.

    Don't let him make promises for future trips - it's "the now" that he must be punished for - and punished to the full extent of the bear laws.

    Prudence ♥

  3. Hi Jock,

    I have to say "been there, done that". I've been left behind a time or two as well. The best thing to do is every time you speak with Alan remind him of how he left you bereft and lonely. That you felt such a great sense of melancholy that time passed ever so slowly as you thought about him out and about without a mere thought of you left at home on your own. Use big words and say them with big sad eyes and rub his hand affectionately. If that doesn't work, which I'm fairly sure it should, you can always hide his car keys or walking shoes and don't tell him where they are until he remembers his first responsibility is to pack you up and take you along. That should it.

    All the best from your friend,

  4. Hi Jock,

    I know it's very unfortunate to be left behind but at least you know that you have a back up plan with Ann. She looks like she'd be a good substitute if things don't work out with your initial mode of transport.

    hugs to you,

  5. Dear Jock,

    Ah yes, the staff can be complete failures at times. This one has been hauling me in and out of bags all over the place, and I've got red rock dust up my... well... you can imagine! Still, at least it managed to write up a post today, so maybe yours will get into gear again soon...



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