Sunday, 21 October 2012

Reeling around

Well, this week he was good.  He and Ann were off out for the day and he took me along.  Ann was surprised when I popped out of the bag when we got to our destination.  They were at some sort of school thingy, so I thought "Boring," and sat and read my book.
It was a nice day and I had plenty of time to read, or so I thought, and all sorts of nice people came and spoke to me and picked me up.  I was quite enjoying the attention, and my book was very exciting, so I didn't notice what was going on for a while.  But then I became aware of 'Tum-te-tum-te-tum te-tum" noises and when I looked up everyone was dancing!  I thought, "This is the sort of school I want to go to."

I told him he hadn't told me people would be dancing and he said, "Silly bear, I did tell you it was an RSCDS (Royal Scottish Country Dancing Society) Day School."  Well, I did scratch my head and I have to admit that, having been so aggranoyed at him the previous week, I had not really let that settle in. That made it an even better surprise. 
SO.... I had a wee nosey around and I met this nice man called John who played all day and for the evening too.  I bet his hands were tired when he was done. He played lots of tunes, reels and jigs and a hornpipe and some Strathspeys. Some he played lots of times while everyone learned new things and some he played only once when they had the dance.
I really liked the banner that John had on his music stand and he let me sit down in front of it.  I know that Katy and the clan live at the Littlest Thistle - well I think I was sitting in front of the Biggest Thistle! 

John was helping a very nice lady called Linda Gaul who was teaching the classes.  There was a session in the morning and one in the afternoon, and then in the evening there was a great dance. Everyone dressed up and the men wore their kilts. Here are some of the others having a dance.

I got to dance too. Once I danced in Ann's pocket and then I was her partner. It's a bit tricky doing jetées when you have stiffish ankles, but everyone thought I did well for a beginner.  Mind you it fairly puffs you out. ('Scuse me, you did one dance when you weren't in pockets.  We danced all day long.)  All day long? (Yep!) Nope.  (??) You had breaks for lunch and dinner so not all day at all. 

Whether they actually danced all day or not is immaterial, by 10.00 pm they were quite worn out poor old things. (Watch it bear, we're just experienced!) Mind you, as you can see from the photie above he coped quite well.  This was at the end of the day and I'd just been birled and jounced around.  I didn't know whether the dizziness or the height was worse, 'cos it was a long way down past his kilt.

I have to admit that even I was a bit tired, and I was really glad to get home at the end of the evening.  I wonder what's next?

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  1. Hi Jock,

    You and Ann are the bearfect dancing partners. You really compliment each other.

    Isn't it amusing how humans can stretch the truth? "All day" hmm, I am sitting here holding my stuffed side from laughing.

    Careful you don't get bounced outta that shirt pocket.

    Prudence ♥

  2. Mmm.... Linda said you didn't put a foot wrong during the dances which is quite a compliment - I think- and you were certainly a lot lighter on your feet than some of the other contenders (sorry, participants).
    Anyway, now you know what it's like, you'll be better prepared for next year's event -start working on that pas de basque now!

  3. Hi Jock,

    You can never go wrong if you take a book with you because you can never be quite sure if where they're taking you is going to be very exciting.

    But I'd say you lucked out this time with all the attention and the dancing. Really quite an accomplishment for those who are vertically challenged like us furry friends.

    As you know, I would have loved to be there even if all I did was watch. Actually, that's my best talent - I watch and observe. I observed in the photos that Ann and Alan must be very cool characters to take you along to their dance. People can be quite funny about us some times.

    What a wonderful day out and I'm sure you'll wow them next year with your dancing feats as well as your dancing feets!


  4. I'm thinking in that last picture you're lucky you weren't boaking...



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