Friday, 25 July 2014

Beating like a drum

Hello there bears, or, since I'm in Glasgow, "Well, herro rer bears," and I have an earworm - you know, one of those tunes you can't get out of your head.

OnWednesday night we had a great time and we ended up singing singing - "Oh the rhythm of my heart is besting like a drum, with... "Enough, enough, it's driving me crazy too.

Ahem, well anyway, himself, Katy and I went to tropical Celtic Park for the Opening Ceremony of the 20th Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow. Did I say tropical - I could have taken off my fur it was sooo hot.

When we finally got through security - I was x-rayed again one of these times I'll just glow - we took our seats in the shade - we hoped.

Shade, what shade? I sat there sweltering in me fur, and he sat there melting in his kilt. So we just went down below the stands so he could get a beer and we could cool off.  Phew, I could have done with Sebastian's snow I can tell you.
 We looked on the set and there was an arch thingy. Can you guess what it is?
 And these are Tunnock's tea cakes, a Scottish speciality and I think all bears would love the chocolate and marshmallow filling.  These were big enough for humins to wear. I bet they were tasty.
 This is a warm up band of pipers and drummers. "WARM UP," I said when he explained. "WARM UP.  I'm fair biling* so I am.  I need a cool doon act."  But it wasn't to happen. We just sat and baked until the sun went down, when it became merely hot.
*To explain, he's gone all Scottish again. Fair biling can loosely be translated as Hot, Damned Hot as in, Good Morning Vietnam.
Ahem professor Higgins can we get on?
 After we'd been warmed up sufficiently it was time to find out what that arch was. Wellll!! it was Nessy, who come all the way down from the highlands to show us she does exist.  Do you like her scarf - she didn't need it on Wednesday I can tell you.
 This big screen was over 100yds long and 36ft high-- tuge it was, T-uge, and there were doors in it too.  Here it's showing what the Scots invented.
 Then Rod Stewart appeared - he's the we dot in the silver suit - and he sang, "Oh the rhythm of my heart is beating like a drum.." SHUT UP.
 Shortly afterwards Her Maj turned up in her (air-conditioned I bet) posh car. She waved regally as she passed and everyone cheered and sang the national anthem.
 Just as she arrived the Red Arrows flew over painting the sky red, white and blue.  The next couple of pictures are of some of the athletes.

 The guys above were dancing including the ones in the wheelchairs. They were having great fun and so were we.  We clapped and cheered and shouted "Come on in" when each team was announced.
 I liked the way everyone went red. I think it must have been the sun, but he says it's just the lighting.
 Here's his and Katy's team from Nor'n Ir'n (that's Northern Ireland, Jock. Norn Irn may be the way we say it, but the longer version is correct).
 Hip, hip, hooray, here's my team SCOTLAND, and of course it's Ann's team too.  Oh how I cheered, and they did too.
 Once all the athletes were in Mr Stewart came back - "Oh the.." SHHHH. He didn't sing that but just saying his name puts it back into my noggin.
 Throughout the night we'd been talked to by nice people from UNICEF and so at this point the humans were invited to text a donation and then switch on their phone torches. All the wee pinpoints of light are the torches. They've raised £2.5m with help from the telly audience.
Finally it was all over, but we were all sent home to our (very late) beds with a volley of fireworks.

Until next time.




  1. Looks like everyone had a great time.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. Hi Jock, I think I saw you on telli. You were the one that was glowing... is that right. I bet you had the best time. All of us Aussies were laughing at a commentator in the morning saying for the people in Scotland to stay inside out of the sun because it was so hot, 28deg.....I BEG your pardon. HOT.. I think not.
    We were all cracking up.
    I might see you again because we love watching the games.
    Hugs Granny and Wilbur

  3. We hope you're all geared up for the closing ceremony tonight, though we don't think Rod's going to show up...


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