Monday, 18 March 2013

Don't fiddle with buttons!

Hi all,  I've not been away recently, though Ann did take me to Pontiac in January nobody reported on it!

Anyway we've had some tocitement to-day 'cos we got a new suite.  I say we, but I really mean they - him and her, he and she - got two new sofas, so when his back was turned of course the hug just had to try them out, and it nearly ended in tears.

Well here we are starting to gather, first the Poosie and me with Edwood and Woodwood.

Then Beech joined us and finally Bearacht clambered up

Well, we bounced up and down and laughed and giggled and on one of my bounces I landed on one end and when I looked down there was a GREAT BIG BUTTING.

So I said to Bearacht, "There's a GREAT BIG BUTTING on the side of this. What should we do, 'cos GREAT BIG BUTTINGs are there to be pushed."
"You're right enough laddie," said Bearacht, "but who'll we get to push it?"  Well, we chawed the fat a bit and eventually Beech decided he should do it.
Well, I pointed to THE GREAT BIG BUTTING and Beech pressed it. There was  a whirring sound until.
 Oh look the front comes up!
"Dat's great," said everyone, and it kept going back until Bearacht and Edwood were quite sprachled.
"Oh look," said Woodwood.  I can sit on the end of it. "Dat's nothing," said Edwood I can sit underneath it. We all sat and wondered, but then Beech decided he was bored and pushed THE GREAT BIG BUTTING again and then --- Disaster!
Woodwood ended up in a heap and Edwood was trapped!!!!  "Oh stop. I'm getting squished!" cried out Edwood. "And I landeded on my head!" wailed Woodwood.

Bearacht rushed to the rescue while Woodwood, picked himself up.  "Alright, laddie, stay calm. Don't panic, I'll just apply my good Scottish edgercation and get this sorted out.  DON'T PANIC," he shouted as loud as he could. So we all ran around not panicking while Bearacht thought what to do next.
Bearacht turned to Beech.  "You great big useless lummox. Quick, no time to lose if we're to avert disaster. Right, you press the GREAT BIG BUTTING again and raise the front of the chair."

While Beech was pushing the GREAT BIG BUTTING Woodwood grabbed Edwood's feet and pulled..
 And he PULLED..
 while I gave him encouragement. "Come on...PULL." I shouted until finally.
He was free.  "Are you alright?" I said breathlessly (Why were you breathless/ Woodwood was doing all the work.) Why do you think? It was all the shouting and running around telling everybear not to panic. (Ah, ok I wasn't there just curious you know.) Back to the story you eejit. (Sorry.)
"Are you alright?" I said again as someone stopped the flow of the story.
"Yup, never better," said Edwood, "though my tummy did get a bit squozeded." 
 We all gathered around and symphonised.  "There, there, Laddie. It's great to see you safe and well." said Bearacht. "I'm glad you were so quick," I said. "If you hadn't been he might have been cut in two!!!!!!!!"  "I'm sorry," said Beech. "I think I'll leave THE GREAT BIG BUTTING alone in future."
"Here, here," we all said, and we all vowed not to touch no matter how tempted we were.
Edwood and Woodwood clambered up to their comfy seat and talked about the big adventure. "Don't think I'll have anything to do with GREAT BIG BUTTINGs again Edwood, will you?" said Woodwood. "Nope I don't tink so." said his brother.  "You got a bump on your noddle and I got a squoze tummy, and I don't want that again do I?"

So there you have it bears. No matter how tempting it may be to press GREAT BIG BUTTINGs, they're best left well alone.


Jock and the crew.


  1. Oh my mohair, are you all okay? Oh my mohair, you could have ended up headless, or limbless....or dead!

    Why didn't he and she show you how to operate that scary big button? Geez, what were they thinking? Not much I guess.

    Well, as long as you all are okay I guess I can relax.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Maybe you should get a nice big bowl of honey and sit in the new chair and watch Winnie The Pooh on the telly. (o:

  2. Hi Jock and all the crew. Poor Edwood, I though he was going to get cut in two. What a day, it is a wonder they want to get on that sofa at all.
    I'm so glad it all got sorted out.

  3. Hi Jock,

    Forgive me for laughing but that was one funny story - aside from the injuries and stuff. Tell your people they did a very fine job of choosing a jungle gym for all you bears there. If you're not careful you might find they sneak onto it and sit for a while. They won't know how to use it properly. You'll have to reaquaint them with climbing and jumping and so forth. I would send Sebastian over but he might get lost in between the joints in the cushions there. And just for your information, after a while it's a good place to look for the odd snack or a coin or two if you get desperate.

    all the best to you and the bears and the people there too!


  4. Sheesh, Edwood and Woodward have enough patches already, they really didn't need more there! We're glad nobeary panickeded though.

    The Clan & Jack

  5. Crikey! That was close! I didn't realize how dangerous big buttons were. Well, I'm certainly glad I know now!

    Heaps of Hugs,


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