Saturday, 15 September 2012

I love to go a wandering

Among the mountain tops, and as I go I love to sing (Out of tune, and you're just behind my ear.) Shan't stop, especially after I've had a few beers. You shouldn't leave those bottles around for me to get at, should you? (I don't, you just manage to be in the same place as the bottles.)

ANYWAY, as I was saying, there I was in the Alps where Himself was having a walking holiday with his friend John. Better (very late) than never, here 's the start of the story.

Day 1 - I got left tohind in the apartment.  It was a very nice apartment with a balcony and a lovely view, when you could see the mountings.  He left and went to a place called the Bout du Monde - that's The End of the World to you and me. Anyway he says it was wet - a fine excuse, I think he just forgot to take me.

(It was wettish - honest and we thought it might rain, so I left you behind - sorry.  I got this nice photo though.)  Humph! It is a nice photo but why didn't I get to see it in the fur?

Day 2 - He behaved himself and off we set.  We climbed and climbed and it was quite a hard job for wee legs. (And more for mine since I was carrying you!)

Here I am sitting on a wobbly bridge over a stream. Someone tried to walk over it from the other side and I nearly bounceded off into the water.  It was a near thing, but himself just about managed to save me.

Finally we got there at about lunch time.  I had to leave down my walking poles and have a little rest on top of his rucksack.  (Whose walking poles are those?  Mine I think and you travel in style inside the top box with a space for you to see out.)

Well.... Ok I did ride in the rucksack and it was a very pleasant way to get up high, though sometimes you do swing a body about.

Eventually we reached a place called the Refuge du Folly - wasn't that a funny name.  Here I am sitting on the signpost for the footpaths all around. The refuge is at 1558m - that's nearly 5000ft up in the air.  The day before's rain turned into snow high on the hills behind me.  Isn't it pretty?

Here I am when we went even further up the hill. He was puffing and panting - not fit you know. (Excuse me, but who has the big tummy?  You, I think. But you are right, I'm not as fit as I'd like to be.  It was so nice to be up there in the sunshine so I didn't mind.) John stayed below waiting for us.

When we got down it was TIME FOR LUNCH and a good thing too, 'cos I was getting a trifle peckish. (Not trifle I think.  The French don't understand trifle - mille fueille, iles flotante, creme brûlée, that sort of thing, but not trifle.) Enough rambling get on with it. (The rambling had stopped - it was lunchtime stupid.) Who are you calling stupid? You're the one wittering on, not me.

First I had a little drink 'cos all that riding around in rucksacks is thirsty work.

But then the beer arrived, hooray.  They have these interesting closures on the bottles.  It means that you can swing on them when you've had a few too many. Yippee.

After a couple of bottles it's time to rest.  We had very nice diots de Savoie - herby sausages cooked in a white wine sauce and he had a special 'tater pancake with bacon bits, prunes, apricots and onions called farcement. Super tasty it all was, and it was followed by tarte au myrtilles - blueberry pie, yummy. No wonder I was in need of a zizz.  (Well done for helping me out specially with the beer, though the last bit was what mattered eh?)

You bet!  Himself asked for the bill and it came with a glass of genepi  This is made from Alpine herbs that only grow above 2000m.  It's very tasty indeed, (and very alky too!) and it was all I could do to share mine with himself.  (Ahem, who was sharing?  Me I think.)

But then it was hup we go on his back and down to the valley below. Singing all the while, but then that's where we came in isn't it?

Tune in again soon and catch up with my next adventure.



  1. The staff *left you behind*? Phew, think you need new staff there, although at least he was ordering good food for you (good job you shared with him, that'll stop him getting fatter ;o) )

    Looking forward to round 2


  2. Jock,

    You must do something about the staff. Try withholding wages, that should work.

    Looks like you did have a fun time and enjoyed some local beer.

    Waiting for the next chapter.

    Prudence ♥


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